Deceased Academicians

Daniel Adzei Bekoe


Daniel Adzei Bekoe

Date of birth 07 December 1928

Place Accra, Ghana (Africa)

Nomination 26 September 1983

Field Chemistry/X-ray Crystallography

Title Professor, Chairman of the Council of State

Place and date of death Accra, Ghana † 05 September 2020

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Most important awards, prizes and academies
Lecturer, University of Ghana (1958); promoted from Senior Lecturer etc. to Professor of Chemistry (1974); Pro-Vice-Chancellor, University of Ghana (1972-75); Vice-Chancellor (1976-83). Various periods spent at University of California at Los Angeles, USA, and University of Ibadan, Nigeria. Director, UNESCO Regional Office of Science and Technology for Africa (1983-85); Regional Director, International Development Research Centre (IDRC), Regional Office Eastern and Southern Africa based in Nairobi (1986). Served on Councils and Committees of various UN bodies; President of the International Council of Scientific Unions (1980-83). Member of the Pontifical Academy of Sciences.

Summary of scientific research
He pursued his university career first at the University of California at Los Angeles, and from 1958 at the University of Ghana in Legon, where he has spent all his career and became Vice-Chancellor in 1976. His scientific research has principally been in crystallography. Using x-rays he has studied the structure of various natural organic substances and syntheses. In recent years he has devoted himself to the solution of problems of development in Africa and the education of young African students. He has worked in various international organizations, especially UNESCO and the International Council of Scientific Unions (ICSU), of which he was President 1980-1983.

Main publications
Bekoe, D.A., The Crystal Structure of i-Erythritol and its relationships to some derived d and 1 and racemic substances (with Powell, H.M.), Proceedings of the Royal Society, 250 A, pp. 301-15 (1959); Bekoe, D.A., The Crystal Structure of Tetracyanoethylene (with Trueblood, K.N.), Zeitschrift für Krystallographie, 113, pp. 1-22 (1960); Bekoe, D.A., The Crystal Structure of the Hexahydrated Calcium Salt of Hexacyanoisobutylene (with Gantzel, P.K. and Trueblood, K.N.), Acta Crystallographica, 22, pp. 657-665 (1967); Bekoe, D.A., A Re-investigation of the Crystal Structure of Tetracyanoethylene (with Trueblood, K.N.),Abstracts of Bozeman Meeting of the American Crystallographic Association, p. 87 (1964); Bekoe, D.A., Molecular Structure of Cedrela Odorata Substance B (with Adeoye, S.A.),Chemical Communications, 14, pp. 301-2 (1965); Bekoe, D.A., The Crystallographic Evidence for the Molecular Structure of Mexicanolide, Ph.D. Thesis of S.A. Adeoye (1967); Bekoe, D.A., The Crystal Structure of N, N-Diethyldithiocarbamato-triphenylstanne, M.Sc. Thesis of K.A. Woode (1975); Bekoe, D.A., Hexamethylbenzene-Tetracyamoethylene (1:1) Complex at 113K: Structure and Energy Calculations (with Maverick, E. and Trueblood, K.N.), Acta Crystallographica, B 34, pp. 2777-2781 (1978); Bekoe, D.A., The Dilemma of the Scientist (Contribution to a Symposium on 'Building an Intellectual Community in Ghana',Proceedings of the Ghana Academy of Arts and Sciences) (1970), pp. 61-4; Bekoe, D.A., The Energy Problem in Perspective, Proceedings of the Ghana Academy of Arts and Sciences, XIV, pp. 15-24 (1976); Bekoe, D.A., International Cooperation in Science and Technology for Development Statement on the Symposium, International Symposium on Science and Technology for Development, Singapore, 22-26 January, 1979, pp. 7-13; Bekoe, D.A., Mobilizing Science and Technology to Increase Endogenous Capabilities in Developing Countries, Science, Technology and Society – Needs, Challenges and Limitations (K.H. Standke and M. Anandakrishna, eds.), Pergamon Press (1980), pp. 457-63.

Professional Address

P.O. Box CT 3383
Cantonments, Accra (Ghana)