Robert Eric Betzig

Date of birth 13 January 1960

Place Ann Arbour, Michigan, United States of America (America)

Nomination 31 May 2016

Field Chemistry

Aaron J. Ciechanover

Date of birth 01 October 1947

Place Haifa, Israel (Asia)

Nomination 12 February 2007

Field Biochemistry

Jennifer A. Doudna

Date of birth 19 February 1964

Place Washington, DC, United States of America (America)

Nomination 20 April 2021

Field Molecular biology

Gerhard L. Ertl

Date of birth 10 October 1936

Place Stuttgart, Germany (Europe)

Nomination 19 January 2010

Field Physical Chemistry

Yuan-Tseh Lee

Date of birth 19 November 1936

Place Hsinchu, (Asia)

Nomination 23 July 2007

Field Chemistry

Jean-Marie Lehn

Date of birth 30 September 1939

Place Rosheim, France (Europe)

Nomination 30 May 1996

Field Chemistry

Ryoji Noyori

Date of birth 03 September 1938

Place Hyogo, Japan (Asia)

Nomination 01 October 2002

Field Chemistry

Tebello Nyokong

Date of birth 20 October 1951

Place Maseru, Lesotho (Africa)

Nomination 20 December 2022

John Charles Polanyi

Date of birth 23 January 1929

Place Berlin, Germany (Europe)

Nomination 09 June 1986

Field Chemistry

Chintamani N.R. Rao

Date of birth 30 June 1934

Place Bangalore, India (Asia)

Nomination 25 June 1990

Field Chemical Science

Ada E. Yonath

Date of birth 22 June 1939

Place Jerusalem, Israel (Asia)

Nomination 22 July 2014

Field Chemistry, Structural Biology

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