From Climate Crisis to Climate Resilience

Workshop | 15-17 May 2024

The Climate Crisis is upon us. It will get lot worse over the next few decades as planetary heating shoots past 1.5C by early 2030s. The warming curve is likely to bend around the ... Read all

Indigenous Peoples' Knowledge and the Sciences

Workshop | 14-15 March 2024

Indigenous Peoples worldwide have a dual relationship with climate change. On the one hand Indigenous Peoples represent a clear case of climate injustice, as they have contributed ... Read all

Astrophysics: The James Webb Space Telescope

Workshop | 27-29 February 2024

The Pontifical Academy of Sciences regularly organizes workshops to discuss scientific knowledge and technological advances that affect human life. The upcoming workshop will ... Read all

Ethical and societal implications of recent advances in neurotechnology

Workshop | 13-14 December 2023

Over the last decade unprecedented progress has been made in methodological developments, permitting invasive and non-invasive registration and manipulation of the brain and its ... Read all

Quantum Science and Technology

Workshop | 30 November - 2 December 2023

One century ago, people like Niels Bohr, Louis de Broglie, Erwin Schrödinger, Werner Heisenberg, and others created the theory of Quantum Mechanics. This Workshop of the Pontifical ... Read all

Food and Humanitarian Crises: Science and Policies for Prevention and Mitigation

Workshop | 9-10 May 2023

Building on earlier food related PAS conferences: The Pontifical Academy of Sciences (PAS) has repeatedly addressed problems of the world food system in the past from various ... Read all

Strategies to decrease inequalities in cancer therapeutics/care and prevention

Workshop | 23-24 February 2023

Inequalities tend to be systemic and often entrenched in socio-economic and political structures within and across countries. In recent years, analyses of inequalities related to ... Read all

Care for Our Common Home

Workshop | 4 October 2022

The Holy See, in the name and on behalf of the Vatican City State, recently deposited before the UN Secretary-General, the instruments of accession to the United Nations Framework ... Read all

Basic science for human development, peace, and planetary health

Plenary Session | 8-10 September 2022

Concept Note The Pontifical Academy of Sciences has held conferences and issued science-based statements urging to address, among others, the massive health problems caused by the ... Read all

Resilience of People and Ecosystems under Climate Stress

Workshop | 13-14 July 2022

A new initiative by the Pontifical Academy of Sciences to bring researchers, policy makers and faith leaders together to understand the scientific and societal challenges of ... Read all