Pius XI Medal

Luis Ángel Caffarelli

Date of birth 08 December 1948

Place Buenos Aires, Argentina (America)

Nomination 02 August 1994

Field Mathematics

Stanislas Dehaene

Date of birth 12 May 1965

Place Roubaix, France (Europe)

Nomination 09 June 2008

Field Experimental Cognitive Psychology

Demis Hassabis

Date of birth 27 July 1976

Place United Kingdom (Europe)

Nomination 07 November 2023

Field Artificial Intelligence

Jean-Marie Lehn

Date of birth 30 September 1939

Place Rosheim, France (Europe)

Nomination 30 May 1996

Field Chemistry

Juan Maldacena

Date of birth 10 September 1968

Place Buenos Aires, Argentina (America)

Nomination 09 April 2013

Field Physics

Cédric Villani

Date of birth 05 October 1973

Place Brive-la-Gallarde, France (Europe)

Nomination 26 April 2016

Field Mathematics

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