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Abdus Salam


Abdus Salam

Date of birth 29 January 1926

Place Jhang, Pakistan (Asia)

Nomination 12 May 1981

Field Physics

Title Professor of Physics, International Centre for Theoretical Physics, Trieste, Italy. Nobel laureate in Physics, 1979

Place and date of death Oxford, UK † 21 November 1996

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Summary of scientific research
Scientific contributions: research on physics of elementary particles. Particular contributions: two-component neutrino and parity violation in weak interaction; gauge unification of weak and electromagnetic interactions; predicted existence of weak neutral currents and W, Z particles before their experimental discovery; symmetry properties of elementary particles; unitary symmetry; renormalization theory; gravity theory and its role in particle physics; two tensor theory of gravity and strong interaction physics; unification of electroweak with strong nuclear forces, grand (electronuclear) unification; and related prediction of proton-decay; supersymmetry theory, in particular, superspace and superfields.