Summit of African Women Judges and Prosecutors on Human Trafficking and Organized Crime

Workshop | 12-13 December 2019

Judges and distinguished colleagues, welcome! Thank you for coming to the Holy See to discuss a topic of profound importance for humanity, the dignity of men and women and their ... Read all

Reduction of Food Loss and Waste

Workshop | 11-12 November 2019

In the Encyclical “Laudato Si: On Care for Our Common Home,” Pope Francis calls for changes to “the trajectory and functioning of the world economy”, as the current economic model ... Read all

Paths and Commitments for Sustainable Development of the Amazon

Workshop | 28 October 2019

This Summit is an initiative led by the Interstate Consortium for Sustainable Development of the Legal Amazon, the Amazon Sustainable Development Solutions Network (SDSN-A) and the ... Read all

Climate Change and New Evidence from Science, Engineering, and Policy

Workshop | 27 May 2019

Climate change is much more than an environmental problem. It is one of the most important challenges humanity faces today, threatening gains in global development achieved in ... Read all

Robotics, AI, and Humanity: Science, Ethics, and Policy

Workshop | 16-17 May 2019

Recent advances in machine learning (commonly referred to as artificial intelligence – AI), and robotics have elicited widespread debate over their benefits and drawbacks for ... Read all

Science and Actions for Species Protection – Noah’s Arks for the 21st Century

Workshop | 13-14 May 2019

The Papal encyclical Laudato Si’ represents a strong critique of modern consumerism and its catastrophic effects on biodiversity. It warns us about the planet’s endangered ecology ... Read all

Who Was Who and Who Did What, Where and When?

Workshop | 12-13 April 2019

The origin of the Prehumans and the reason of their new standing posture Common ancestors (Hominidae) to Prehumans (Homininae) and Prechimpanzees (Paninae) are supposed to have ... Read all

The Revolution of Personalized Medicine | Are We Going to Cure All Diseases and at What Price?

Workshop | 8-9 April 2019

Concept Note One of the decades-old mysteries in medicine has been the observation that apparently similar diseases have a vastly different course in different patients. Similarly ... Read all

Transport Union and Manufacturers Summit – Climate Change, Human Trafficking, Technology and Transport

Workshop | 4-5 March 2019

Following the Magisterium of Pope Francis, especially the Encyclical Laudato Si’, as well as the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) on the care of our common home in the face ... Read all