Fiftieth Anniversary and Plenary Session

Plenary Session | 27-30 October 1986

On October 27-30, 1986, fifty years after the renewal of the Pontifical Academy of Sciences, a Plenary Session was held, which because of the occasion was a solemn meeting. Besides ... Read all

Molecular Mechanisms of Carcinogenic and Antitumor Activity

Workshop | 21-25 October 1986

It is a great honour and pleasure for me to introduce the volume of “Scripta Varia” containing the papers presented to the Working Group on “The Molecular Mechanisms of ... Read all

Persistent Meteo-Oceanographic Anomalies and Teleconnections

Workshop | 23-27 September 1986

[Under construction] Read all

Remote Sensing and its Impact on Developing Countries

Workshop | 16-21 June 1986

[Under construction] Read all

Commemorative Session for the 4th Centenary of Federico Cesi's Birth

Workshop | 6 June 1986

The Academy celebrated the fourth centenary of the birth of its founder, Federico Cesi, on 6 June with a Commemoration at its headquarters, the Casina Pio IV, in the presence of ... Read all