Modern Biology Applied to Agriculture

Workshop | 16-19 November 1983

The fourth working group held from 16 to 19 November 1983, led by Prof. Schell, studied the topic of "Modern Biology Applied to Agriculture". Biotechnology can help solve ... Read all

Science in the Service of Peace

Plenary Session | 12-14 November 1983

[Under construction] Read all

Specificity in Biological Interactions

Workshop | 9-11 November 1983

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Chemical Events in the Atmosphere and Their Impact on the Environment

Workshop | 7-11 November 1983

The problem of the impact on the environment, or better, on the biosphere, of chemical events occurring in the atmosphere is at present of considerable importance. [...] In the ... Read all

Pattern Recognition Mechanisms

Workshop | 25-29 April 1983

The Meeting held at the Pontifical Academy of Sciences on Pattern Recognition Mechanisms originated from a talk between PAS President Carlos Chagas with Dr. Charles Gross ... Read all