Effects of a Nuclear Explosion in the Atmosphere: Nuclear Winter

Workshop | [?] November 1984

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Extra Corporeal Fecundation

Workshop | 17-20 October 1984

On 17-20 October, the Bioethical Studies Group set up on January 21-22 promoted a meeting of scientists, doctors and moralists to study the scientific aspects of Extra-Corporeal ... Read all

The Impact of Space Exploration on Mankind

Workshop | 1-5 October 1984

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Energy for Survival and Development

Workshop | 11-14 June 1984

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Immunology, Epidemiology and Social Aspects of Leprosy

Workshop | 28 May - 1 June 1984

The Pontifical Academy of Sciences, in organizing a Working Group on leprosy, has complied with one of its objectives, i.e., to render more visible some of the dire human ... Read all

Nuclear Winter: A Warning

Workshop | 23-25 January 1984

On January 23-25, 1984, the Pontifical Academy of Sciences assembled a group of 18 scientists at its headquarters, the Casina Pio IV. Their mission was to issue a third warning to ... Read all