The Interaction of Parasitic Diseases and Nutrition

Workshop | 22-26 October 1985

The Study Week on the Interaction of Parasitic Diseases and Malnutrition dealt with a very important global problem. One may associate malnutrition and parasitic diseases with ... Read all

The Artificial Prolongation of Life and the Determination of the Exact Moment of Death

Workshop | 19-21 October 1985

Sive vivimus sive morimur Domini sumus. (Rom. 14, 8) The prolongation of life, which has been a constant preoccupation of humankind, has long been a reality. Average lifespan has ... Read all

Developmental Neurobiology of Mammals

Workshop | 3-7 June 1985

A Working Group on Study Week on the Developmental Neurobiology of Mammals was held in June 1985, building on the Pontifical Academy of Sciences' 50-year tradition of meetings on ... Read all

Weaponization of Space

Workshop | 21-24 January 1985

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