Science and the Future of Mankind

Proceeding of:
Working Group 12-14 November 1999
Jubilee Plenary Session 10-13 November 2000
Scripta Varia 99 | Vatican City, 2001
pp. 527, XV tables | ISBN 88-7761-075-1


Part I: Science for Man and Man for Science (Working Group)

Context, Essential Contents of, and Follow-up to, the World Conference on Science Held in Budapest in June 1999

Werner Arber

Technology: between Science and Man

Paul Germain

Spinning Fluids, Geomagnetism and the Earth’s Deep Interior

Raymond Hide

Mathematics: Recent Developments and cultural aspects

Yuri I. Manin

Science as Utopia

Jürgen Mittelstraß

From Modern Research in Astrophysics to the Next Millennium for Mankind

George V. Coyne, S.J.

The Role of Tropical Atmospheric Chemistry in Global Change Research: the Need for Research in the Tropics and Subtropics

Paul J. Crutzen

Which Economic System is Likely to Serve Human Societies the Best? The Scientific Question

Edmond Malinvaud

Sustainability: Prospects for a New Millennium

Peter H. Raven

Choice, Responsibility, and Problems of Population

Bernardo M. Colombo

The Search for Man

J. Marías

Science Facing the Crisis of Sense

F. Jacques

Society in the Face of Scientific and Technological Development: Risk, Decision, Responsibility

A. Blanc-Lapierre

Challenges for Agricultural Scientists

T.-T. Chang

The Mathematisation of Science

Luis A. Caffarelli

Part II: Science and the Future of Mankind (Jubilee Session)

Light and Matter

Claude Cohen-Tannoudji

The Relationship Between Science, Religion and Aristotelian Theology Today

Enrico Berti

Design Versus Selection in Chemistry and Beyond

Albert Eschenmoser

Chemical Design of New Materials

C.N.R. Rao

Developmental Biology: New Trends and Prospects

Nicole M. Le Douarin

Erreur, Correction, Réhabilitation et Pardon

Card. Georges Cottier, OP

Logic and Uncertainties in Science and Religion

Charles H. Townes

Natural Theology in the Light of Modern Cosmology and Biology

R. Swinburne

The Progress of Science and the Messianic Ideal

Jean-Michel Maldamé

Creation and Science

W.E. Carroll

The Transition from Biological to Cultural Evolution

Wolf J. Singer

Earth Sciences: Remarkable Scientific Progress

Frank Press

Global Change and the Antarctic Ozone Hole

Mario J. Molina

Science for Man and Man for Science: the View from the Third World

Marcos Moshinsky

Physics in the Last Century and in the Future

Rudolf L. Mössbauer

The Christological Origins of Newton’s First Law

Stanley L. Jaki

Colliding Cascades: a Model for Prediction of Critical Transitions

Vladimir I. Keilis-Borok

Time and Matter – Science at New Limits

Ahmed H. Zewail

The New World Dis-Order – Can Science Aid the Have-Nots?

Ahmed H. Zewail

Why and how Physicists are Interested in the Brain and the Mind

M. Oda

A Millennium View of the Universe

Vera C. Rubin

Recent Trends in the Interpretation of Quantum Mechanics

R. Omnès

Christ and Science

Cardinal Paul Poupard

On Transdisciplinarity

Jürgen Mittelstraß

‘Illicit Jumps’ – The Logic of Creation

Michael Heller

Proposed Declaration on Sciences and Scientists at the Beginning of the Twenty-First Century

Paul Germain

Study-Document on the Use of ‘Genetically Modified Food Plants’ to Combat Hunger in the World with an Introductory Note

Nicola Cabibbo