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Measures Taken to Eradicate Human Trafficking and Organised Crime in Zambia – Post November, 2017

1.  INTRODUCTION According to the 2018 Trafficking in Persons Report, compiled by the United States Government, Zambia has been upgraded on the human trafficking scale from ... Read all

Experiences in Human Trafficking Cases

Introduction Human trafficking cases are quite prevalent in Zambia. I should also state that Zambia is used as a transit point for victims coming mainly from East and Central ... Read all

The Current Trends and Challenges in Prosecuting Anti-Human Trafficking Cases in Uganda

Introduction Human trafficking refers to the process through which individuals are placed or maintained in an exploitative situation for economic gain. It affects most countries ... Read all

Human Trafficking and Organised Crime in Zambia Post November, 2017

Human Trafficking, also known as modern day slavery, is a global phenomenon which affects men, women and children of all ages across the globe and no country is immune to this ... Read all

Measures Taken by the Government of Tanzania

In recent years, the fight against trafficking in persons has gained much prominence in International and Regional forums, which resulted in the adoption of International ... Read all

Human Trafficking – Maritime Laws and Rules in Sierra Leone

Human trafficking and organized crime are not new phenomena, but have developed over the years and increased to a very alarming proportion. Sierra Leone is a developing country in ... Read all

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