Stefano Zamagni, PASS President

Word of Welcome

Word of Welcome
Photo: Gabriella C. Marino

One of the biggest challenges that countries face today is the very unequal distribution of opportunities, resources, income and wealth across people. Inclusive prosperity remains elusive. To address these issues, societies face choices among different policies to try and ensure a proper supply of productive jobs and activities, as well as access to education, financial means and other endowments.

Many efforts and attempts have been made in recent times to lay down the pillars of an economy based on the culture of care, true value creation and universal fraternity, moving beyond the still prevalent throwaway mentality and globalization of indifference. The goal is to move ahead towards a different kind of economy, one that is inclusive and not exclusive, humane and not de-humanizing, one that cares for the environment, not despoiling it.

The present gathering should be viewed against such a background. We are all aware of the existential challenges of our times and we know that there are no easy answers. But we also know that the sense of possibility depends not only on opportunities and resources, but also on hope. Those with no hope in the future have only the present. And those who have only the present have no compelling reason to be interested in the future. Fortunately, people who continue to entertain a hope in the future have not disappeared altogether, as those participating to this extraordinary meeting are demonstrating.