Life Sciences Bio

Demis Hassabis

Date of birth 27 July 1976

Place United Kingdom (Europe)

Nomination 07 November 2023

Field Artificial Intelligence

Edith Heard

Date of birth 05 March 1965

Place London, United Kingdom (Europe)

Nomination 22 December 2021

Field Epigenetics

Jules Hoffmann

Date of birth 02 August 1941

Place Echternach, Luxembourg (Europe)

Nomination 20 December 2022

Field Integrative Biology

Jürgen A. Knoblich

Date of birth 24 October 1963

Place Memmingen, Germany (Europe)

Nomination 18 August 2020

Field Biology

Eric S. Lander

Date of birth 03 February 1957

Place New York, NY, United States of America (America)

Nomination 25 February 2020

Field Genetics and Mathematics

Nicole Marthe C. Le Douarin

Date of birth 20 August 1930

Place Lorient, France (Europe)

Nomination 03 September 1999

Field Developmental Biology

Jane Lubchenco

Date of birth 04 December 1947

Place Denver, Colorado, United States of America (America)

Nomination 19 February 2019

Field Environmental science and marine ecology

Ingo Potrykus

Date of birth 05 December 1933

Place Hirschberg, Germany (Europe)

Nomination 10 March 2005

Field Plant Sciences

Peter Hamilton Raven

Date of birth 13 June 1936

Place Shanghai, China (Asia)

Nomination 04 October 1990

Field Biology

Maxine F. Singer

Date of birth 15 February 1931

Place New York, NY, United States of America (America)

Nomination 09 June 1986

Field Biochemistry

Rafael Vicuña

Date of birth 12 September 1949

Place Santiago, Chile (America)

Nomination 11 October 2000

Field Biochemistry

Maryanne Wolf

Date of birth 25 October 1947

Place South Bend, IN, United States of America (America)

Nomination 18 August 2020

Field Cognitive Neuroscience and Education

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