The Challenges for Science. Education for the Twenty-First Century

Proceedings of Working Group
19-21 November 2001
Scripta Varia 104 | Vatican City, 2002
pp. 292, III tables | ISBN 88-7761-080-8


Why Sciences/Technologies Require a New Place in the Education of Young People

Science and Education

R.L. Mössbauer

Science Education and Capacity Building in the Twenty-first Century

C.N.R. Rao

Science Education in Brazil: Towards a New Proposal

C. Pinto de Melo

The Science of Education and Education in Science

Stanley L. Jaki

Science Education and Information Technology

M.G.K. Menon

Building a Vision of Inquiry-Centered Learning. A Workshop Demonstration

D.M. Lapp

Examples of Specific Approaches/Successes in Various Countries

The Problems and Promises of Science Education in Chile

J.E. Allende

Closing the Educational Gap among Teenagers

A.S. Kashina

Science Education in France: ‘La Main à la Pâte

Pierre Léna

Experiences in Mexico in the Use of Hands-on, Inquiry Science Education Systems in Primary Schools

G.R. Fernández de la Garza

Science for Citizenship

J.F. Osborne

The Presence and Absence of Science in Italy’s Educational Tradition

G. Tognon

Evaluation and Education in Science

B. Gueye

Strategies for the Improvement of K-8 Science Education. A Report from the United States

D.M. Lapp

The Place of Sciences/Technologies in the Education of 21st Century Citizens

The Computer in the School: a Tool for the Brain

Antonio M. Battro

Science and Society

Yves Quéré

Hands-on Science

R.L. Gregory

The Role of the Scientific Community

The Responsibility of Scientists in the Education of Young People

Rafael Vicuña

The Scientific Education of Citizens

Paul Germain

From a Static to a Dynamic System of Education in Science

A.V. Verganelakis

Modern Cosmology, a Resource for Elementary School Education

George V. Coyne, S.J.

The Importance of the History of Science in Intellectual Formation

Jean-Michel Maldamé

A Philosophical Platform for Proportion in Education: the “Scientific Subject” and the Creative Act of the Human Being

A.-T. Tymieniecka

The Pontifical Academy of Sciences: a Historical Profile

Marcelo Sánchez Sorondo | PAS Chancellor

Statement Issued after the Workshop held at the Pontifical Academy of Sciences on 19-20-21 November 2001, and Approved by the Council of the Academy on 17 February 2002