Scientific Insights into the Evolution of the Universe and of Life

Plenary Session 31 October - 4 November 2008
W. Arber, N. Cabibbo, M. Sánchez Sorondo (eds)
Acta 20 | Vatican City, 2009
pp. LXVII-622 | ISBN 978-88-7761-097-3


Papst Benedikt XVI. über „Schöpfung und Evolution“

Kardinal Dr. Christoph Schönborn

The Reflections of Joseph Ratzinger Pope Benedict XVI on Evolution

Christoph Card. Schönborn

Session I - Insights into the Evolution of the Universe

From a Simple Big Bang to Our Complex Cosmos

Martin J. Rees

Scientific Quest into Evolution of Life in the Universe

Govind Swarup

The Origin of the Universe

Stephen Hawking

What We Know, and What We Don’t Know, About the Universe

Vera C. Rubin

Galaxy Evolution

José G. Funes

Rigorous Logic in the Theory of Evolution

Antonino Zichichi

Session II – Insights into the Evolution of Life

The Search for the Chemistry of Life’s Origin

Albert Eschenmoser

The Birth of Oxygen

John Abelson

The Genetic Code and Evolution

Marshall W. Nirenberg

The Role of Chance in Evolution

Giorgio Bernardi

Bacterial Evolution: Random or Selective?

Rafael Vicuña

From Microbial Genetics to Molecular Darwinism and Beyond

Werner Arber

Session III – Insights into Human Evolution

Why it is Useful to Know the Modern Theory of Evolution

Luigi L. Cavalli-Sforza and Francesco Cavalli-Sforza

The Future of Life

Christian de Duve

The Evolutionary Origin and Process of the Central Nervous System: Comparative Genomics Approach

Takashi Gojobori

Genetic and Epigenetic Shaping of Cognition – Prerequisites of Cultural Evolution

Wolf J. Singer

The Language of God

Francis S. Collins

The Bunch of Prehumans and the Emergence of the Genus Homo

Yves Coppens

Culture in Hominization and its Implications in an Evolutionary View

Fiorenzo Facchini

Cognition, Consciousness, and Culture: Understanding Human Cognition and its Grounding in a Primate Brain

Stanislas Dehaene

Session IV – Theological, Philosophical and Societal Aspects

Evolution and Creation: How to Terminate with a False Opposition Between Chance and Creation an Epistemological Note

Jean-Michel Maldamé

The Human Being – God’s Plan or Just Sheer Chance?

Ulrich Lüke

The Catholic Church and Evolutionary Theory: A Conflict Model

Gereon Wolters

La doctrine philosophique et théologique de la Création chez Thomas D’Aquin

Georges Card. Cottier

Naturalness and Directing Human Evolution a Philosophical Note

Jürgen Mittelstraß

Session V – Impact of Human Activities: Evolution, Artificial Intelligence, Cognitive Science and Public Perception

Evolution as Science and Ideology

Stanley L. Jaki

Plant Breeding as an Example of ‘Engineered’ Evolution

Ingo Potrykus

Digital Intelligence: The Evolution of a New Human Capacity

Antonio M. Battro

The Teaching of Evolution

Pierre J. Léna

The Latest Challenge to Evolution: Intelligent Design

Maxine F. Singer