Tornata Inaugurale, Prima Tornata Ordinaria, III Anno Accademico

Plenary Session
18 December

Solemn Inaugural Session of the Third Academic Year

Solemn Inaugural Session of the Third Academic Year

The solemn Inaugural Session of the third academic year was held on Sunday, 18 December 1938. It was presided over by His Holiness Pius XI. In his address to the Pope, the President, Fr. Agostino Gemelli, gave an account of the activities of the Pontifical Academy of Sciences, noting that, like every year, the most recent scientific studies had been published in the volumes of Commentationes and Acta. He also reported that several Academicians had taken part in various international scientific conferences. During the Session, the "Pius XI Prize" was awarded for the first time to biologist Corneille Heymans, who was able to receive it directly from the Holy Father.

List of Participants

Ugo Amaldi
Giuseppe Armellini
Marcello Boldrini
Filippo Bottazzi
Gustavo Colonnetti
Gaetano Arturo Crocco
Alessandro Ghigi
Francesco Giordani
Giovanni Giorgi
Giuseppe Gola
Camillo Guidi
Georges Lemaître
Giuseppe Lepri
Tullio Levi-Civita
Luigi Lombardi
Albert Michotte van den Berck
Umberto Nobile
Adriaan Noyons
Modesto Panetti
Antonio Pensa
Enrico Pistolesi
Franco Rasetti
Pietro Rondoni
Filippo Silvestri
Antonio Renato Toniolo
Giancarlo Vallauri
Vito Volterra

Agostino Gemelli, President
Pietro Salviucci, Chancellor