Neurosciences and the Human Person: New Perspectives on Human Activities

Proceedings of the Working Group | 8-10 November 2012
A. Battro, S. Dehaene and W. Singer (eds)
Scripta Varia 121 | Vatican City, 2013
pp. 320 | ISBN 978-88-7761-106-2


1. Origins of Mind

Hominid Evolution and the Emergence of the Genus Homo

Yves Coppens

Human Origins from a Genomic Perspective

Svante Pääbo

Mind and Soul? Two Notions in the Light of Contemporary Philosophy

Enrico Berti

2. The Dynamic Brain and Consciousness

The Neuronal Correlate of Consciousness: Unity in Time Rather than Space

Wolf J. Singer

Brain Rhythms for Cognition and Consciousness

Earl K. Miller

The Brain Mechanisms of Conscious Access and Introspection

Stanislas Dehaene

Consciousness and Self-Consciousness In Favour of a Pragmatic Dualism in the Philosophy of Mind

Jürgen Mittelstraß

Neuroscience of Self-Consciousness and Subjectivity

Olaf Blanke

3. Towards a neuroscientific understanding of free will

Neural Mechanisms Underlying Human Choice in the Frontal Cortex

Timothy E. Behrens

False Perceptions & False Beliefs: Understanding Schizophrenia

Christopher D. Frith

Addiction: A Disease of Self-Control

Nora D. Volkow

Understanding Layers: From Neuroscience to Human Responsibility

Michael S. Gazzaniga

Self-Knowledge and the Adaptive Unconscious

Timothy D. Wilson

Seven Ways Neuroscience Aids Law

Owen D. Jones

Interaction Between Two Readings: The Naturalistic and the Socratic “Know Thyself”

Marcelo Sánchez Sorondo

4. Sources of human comprehension and incomprehension

Are There Innate Mechanisms that Make us Social Beings?

Uta Frith

Natural Cooperation

Martin A. Nowak

Spiritualité de l’âme

Card. Georges Cottier

Developmental Sources of Social Divisions

Elizabeth S. Spelke

5. Can neuroscience improve the brain and mind?

The Birth of the Mind

Jacques Mehler

How Genes and Experience Shape the Human Will

Michael I. Posner

New Interfaces for the Brain

John P. Donoghue

Circuits for Action Diversification

Silvia Arber

Homo Docens and the Teaching Brain

Antonio M. Battro