Astrophysical Cosmology

28 September - 2 October

Astrophysical Cosmology

Astrophysical Cosmology
Image: J.H. Oort

The Study Week on Astrophysical Cosmology and Fundamental Physics marked a return to basic science and was organized by the Pontifical Academicians Hermann A. Bruck and Father G. V. Coyne, S.J. together with Prof. Martin Rees of Cambridge and Prof. Malcolm Longair of Edinburgh. 
They were able to bring together some of the most important contributors to this extraordinary, interesting, exciting and active field of the astronomical sciences. The results were important, especially in guiding research on the nature of the invisible mass, which is calculated as probably ten times greater than the luminous mass.
The words pronounced by His Holiness Pope John Paul II, during the Audience he gave to the group of Academicians and scientists gathered in Castelgandolfo on 3 October 1981, will resound throughout the world scientific community.

List of Participants

Jean Audouze
Hermann A. Brück
George V. Coyne SJ
Marc Davis
Sandra M. Faber
L.Z. Fang
Livio Gratton
James E. Gunn
Stephen W. Hawking
Louis Leprince-Ringuet
Malcom S. Longair
D. Lynden-Bell
Jan H. Oort
Jeremiah P. Ostriker
Phillip James E. Peebles
Martin J. Rees
Maarten Schmidt
Dennis W. Sciama
Giancarlo Setti
Joseph Silk
Govind Swarup
Gustav A. Tammann
Harry Van Der Laan
Steven Weinberg
Victor F. Weisskopf
Lodewijk Woltjer