Solenne Tornata Inaugurale del II Anno Accademico

Plenary Session
30 January

Solemn Inaugural Session of the Second Academic Year

Solemn Inaugural Session of the Second Academic Year

The solemn Inaugural Session of the Second Academic Year was held on Sunday, 30 January 1938. It was presided over by Pope Pius XI, who had recovered from an illness after a long convalescence. The President, Fr. Agostino Gemelli, addressed his greeting to the Holy Father, thanking him for reforming the Academy in order to "bring it back to that greatness it had at the beginning, when it arose among the first and most illustrious Academies in the world". The President also underlined the universal character of the renewed Academy, which brought together the intellectual forces of each country. Afterwards, Pontifical Academicians Prof. Giancarlo Vallauri and Prof. Wilhelm Friman Bjerknes gave a long, commemorative speech in honour of deceased Academician Guglielmo Marconi.

List of Participants

Ugo Amaldi
Giuseppe Armellini
Vilhelm Bjerknes
Marcello Boldrini
Filippo Bottazzi
Gustavo Colonnetti
Gaetano Arturo Crocco
Giorgio Dal Piaz
Agostino Gemelli
Alessandro Ghigi
Francesco Giordani
Giovanni Giorgi
Emil Godlewski
Giuseppe Gola
Camillo Guidi
Giuseppe Lepri
Tullio Levi-Civita
Luigi Lombardi
Albert Michotte van den Berck
Umberto Nobile
Modesto Panetti
Nicola Parravano
Antonio Pensa
Ernst Petritsch
Enrico Pistolesi
Franco Rasetti
Pietro Rondoni
Antonio Renato Toniolo
Francesco Vercelli
Vito Volterra