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Syria - Rabaa Al Zreqat

(Unofficial translation)

Judge Rabaa Al Zreqat

All greetings and respect.

As a result of the crises and calamities afflicting people in the Middle East, war became a disaster for each country, putting an end to the Arab Spring, which the people considered a good way to remove unjust and despotic rulers from power. Instead, they fell prey to another era of slavery, after the twentieth century, by organized criminal gangs.

As a result of the large gap in the economy, poor communities emerged in search of a living. This was fertile ground for the growth and development of organized crime, which had already been present, trafficking in persons being its most important form of crime.

The crime of trafficking in human beings has become a legal issue at the present time, and is presented at various international and regional levels, where it is killing people in conflict, threatening stable societies and the rule of law in judicial forums.

The seriousness of this crime lies in the fact that it is based on criminal organizations of a hidden nature that transcend the boundaries of a single place and cross borders, extending its catastrophic consequences everywhere. Traffickers rely on bribery to facilitate their actions and spread corruption with the spreading of this crime. Where has the estimated $ 1 billion (according to the statistics of the CIA) made by these criminal organizations gone?

Let me give you an example of this crime and its effects on the theatre of conflict in Syria.

This crime has infected the body of the entire state, overcoming boundaries of space and time. As an example, there have been twelve thousand documented murders, while the number is much higher on the ground, not to mention cases of kidnapping as an excuse to bargain with people for large amounts of money, or to sell people to organ trafficking gangs.

An estimated forty-five thousand cases of violence are the result of theft. Human beings have become a commodity that is sold and bartered, and all human rights charters are ignored.

No matter who is preparing to leave the borders of my country in search of a better life and for the sake of decent living, they fall prey to these criminal organizations who traffic them as they turn to them with no power.

How many stories have you been told about gangs, but let me remind you of the Austrian car crash that killed 71 Syrians whose dreams died before their bodies died, wiping away their wishes. As a result, death figures have been shown on television. People realized that they were mortals of spirit and body killed by caravans without any deterrent.

Not to mention the gangs of traffickers across the Mediterranean Sea: how many people are killed as a result of the greed of these traffickers who load a boat made to hold a hundred people with three hundred of them.

A good example is the picture of the child Ilan, who shook the feelings of the world, leaving the greatest message that there are children to save. We are people who deserve to live.

This is why I am with you today, in this judicial forum, to limit this crime not only for those who are suffering but also for people who are still bleeding and we do not want them to die.

Therefore, we must join forces to enact laws that are explicit, precise and that act as a deterrent to limit this crime. The international efforts of governmental and non-governmental institutions and civil society organizations must be united to develop strategic plans to expose this crime and to prosecute and punish the perpetrators. Thank you very much.



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