Scripta Varia

The Signs of Death


Atti del Gruppo di lavoro 11-12 settembre 2006
Scripta Varia 110
Vatican City, 2007
pp. XCIV-466
ISBN 88-7761-090-4


What is not Brain Death: the Vegetative State and Movements in Brain Death (PDF)
Conrado J. Estol

The Minimally Conscious State: Neuroimaging and Regeneration (PDF)
Stephen Davis

The Clinical Criteria of Brain Death Throughout the World (PDF)
Eelco F.M. Wijdicks

Neurophysiological Signs of Brain Death (EEG & Evoked Potentials): Are They Safe & Reliable? (PDF)
Paolo M. Rossini

Human Brain, Functional Organisation, Altered States of Consciousness and the Assessment of Brain Death (PDF)
Marcus E. Raichle

Brain Death – An Artifact Created by Critical Care Medicine or the Death of the Brain Has Always Been the Death of the Individuum (PDF)
Werner Hacke

Surviving Areas of Brain Tissue in Brain Death: Is the Whole More Than the Sum of its Parts? (PDF)
Michael G. Hennerici

Alleged Awakenings from Prolonged Coma and Brain Death and Delivery of Live Babies from Brain-Dead Mothers do not Negate Brain Death (PDF)
Jerome B. Posner

Is Brain Death the Death of the Human Being? On the Current State of the Debate (PDF)
Robert Spaemann

How do Physicians Prove Irreversibility in the Determination of Death? (PDF)
James L. Bernat

The Neurologist’s View on the Determination of Brain Death (PDF)
Lüder Deecke

The Assessment of Coma Outcome by the Use of Multimodal MR and Proportionality of Care in Neuro-Injured Patients (PDF)
Louis Puybasset

Determination of Death. New Guidelines in Switzerland (PDF)
Heinrich P. Mattle

The Historical Evolution of Brain Death from Former Definitions of Death: The Harvard Criteria to the Present (PDF)
Robert B. Daroff

Neuroimaging: a Window into Total Brain Destruction and the Unresponsive States (PDF)
José C. Masdeu

The Apnea Test and Rationale for Brain Death as Death (PDF)
Allan H. Ropper

Mental Disconnect: ‘Physiological Decapitation’ as a Heuristic for Understanding ‘Brain Death’ (PDF)
D. Alan Shewmon


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