Scripta Varia

Narcotics: Problems and Solutions of this Global Issue


Proceedings of the Workshop
23-24 November 2016
Scripta Varia 130
Vatican City, 2016
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Pope Francis | Address to the Participants

H.M. Queen Silvia of Sweden | Introduction

Mr. Yuri Fedotov | The International Drug Control System and the Outcomes of the 2016 General Assembly Special Session on the World Drug Problem

Prof. Dr. Luis Alberto Ferrari | History of Psychoactive Drug Consumption: From Ancient Users to New Drug Design Abusers

Mr. Kevin Hyland | The Links Between Human Trafficking and Drug Crime

Mr. Gustavo Vera | Narcotráfico y parainstitucionalidad

Ms. Yvonne Thunell | Preventing Drug Addiction in Children and Youth

Dr. Zunilda Niremperger | Drug Use in Latin America

Dr. Angela Me | Global Overview of Challenges Related to the Drug Problem

Ms. Azadeh Bahramji | Vulnerability of Refugees to Addiction and Drug Prevention Approaches in Iran

Dr. Francis L. Delmonico, M.D. | The Impact of the Narcotic Abuse Epidemic on Organ Donation

Mr. Carlos Cruz | De victimarios a pacificadores: Una propuesta de salud pública

Padre Tonio Dell’Olio | The Contribution of Civil Society to the Fight against Drug Trafficking

Mr. Russell Turner TRESTAD 2 (THREE CITY PROJECT 2) | Drug prevention in Sweden’s three major cities: Stockholm, Gothenburg and Malmö

Dr. Héctor Masoero | OPRENAR: un caso de organización de la Sociedad Civil para la prevención del narcotráfico y las adicciones

H.E. Msgr. Jorge Eduardo Lozano | Magisterio y experiencia pastoral con las personas adictas

Don Aldo Buonaiuto COMUNITÀ PAPA GIOVANNI XXIII | Un’esperienza di recupero italiana

Dr. Nora Volkow | Drug Effects on the Human Brain

Dr. Robert L. DuPont, M.D. | How to Stop the Drug Epidemic

Brigitte Kieffer, PhD | Opiates and the Brain

Hon. Andrea Orlando | Address of the Italian Minister of Justice 

Prof. Bertha K. Madras, PhD | Psychoactive Drugs with Medicinal Properties: Challenges and Solutions

Dr. João Castel-Branco Goulão, M.D. | Addressing the Recreational Use of Cannabis: A Public Health Approach

Prof. Rafael Maldonado | The Endocannabinoid System: Therapeutic Perspectives and Risks of Cannabis Consumption

Dr. Kevin Sabet | The Social Impact of Drug Policy Change

Prof. Jonathan P. Caulkins | The Particular Perils of Legalizing Commercial Production of Cannabis

Mr. Alexis Goosdeel | The European Drugs Market and the Growing Role of Internet: Socio-Economic and Socio-Cultural Perspectives


Narcotici: Problemi e soluzioni di questa piaga mondiale

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