Scripta Varia

Interactions between Global Change and Human Health


Working Group 31 Oct - 2 Nov 2004
Scripta Varia 106
Vatican City, 2006
pp. XXVIII-421
ISBN 88-7761-085-9


Infectious Disease and Human Agency: An Historical Overview (PDF)
Ann G. Carmichael

Atmospheric Brown Clouds: Health, Climate and Agriculture Impacts (PDF)
Veerabhadran Ramanathan

Global Changes in Aquatic Systems and Their Interrelations with Human Health (PDF)
Michel H. Meybeck

Earth System Functioning in the Anthropocene: Human Impacts on the Global Environment (PDF)
Will Steffen & Eric Lambin

Biodiversity and Infectious Disease: Why We Need Nature (PDF)
Andrew P. Dobson

Pre-Industrial Depopulation, Atmospheric Carbon Dioxide, and Global Climate (PDF)
William F. Ruddiman & Ann G. Carmichael

Social and Environmental Vulnerability to Emerging Infectious Diseases (PDF)
U.E.C. Confalonieri, M.E. Wilson & A.L. Najar

Our Changing Biogeophysical and Socioeconomic Environments: Influence on Infectious Diseases (PDF)
Anthony J. McMichael

Food, Water, Health, and Infectious Diseases: Focus on Global Change (PDF)
Mahendra M. Shah, Guenther Fischer, Harrij van Velthuizen

Global Demographic Trends, Education, and Health (PDF)
Wolfgang Lutz

Globalization and Human Health: Toward Scenarios for the 21st Century (PDF)
Maud Huynen & Pim Martens

Effects of Social, Environmental and Economic Factors on Current and Future Patterns of Infectious Diseases (PDF)
David L. Heymann

Epidemics and Economics (PDF)
David E. Bloom & David Canning

Global Governance and Human Health (PDF)
Carlo Jaeger

Climate Change and Human Rights (PDF)
Wolfgang Sachs

Promoting Human Health and Facing Global Changes: The Cuban Experience (PDF)
Ismael Clark Arxer

Global Environmental Change and Human Health (PDF)
M.O. Andreae, U.E.C. Confalonieri, A.J. McMichael, D.E. Bloom, D.L. Heymann, P. Martens, W. Steffen & M.E. Wilson


Interazione tra cambiamenti mondiali e salute umanad Human Health

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