Scripta Varia

The Cultural Values of Science


Plenary Session 8-11 November 2002
Scripta Varia 105
Vatican City, 2003
pp. 389, XVII tables
ISBN 88-7761-082-4



Science and Culture
+ Discussion
Maurizio Iaccarino

Que la science s’inscrit dans la culture comme “pratique théorique” (PDF)
+ Discussion
Paul Ricoeur

Culture and Science (PDF)
+ Discussion
Lourdes Arizpe

Cultural Aspects of the Theory of Molecular Evolution (PDF)
Werner Arber

Science and Dream (PDF)
+ Discussion
Paul Germain

The Facts of Life (PDF)
+ Discussion
Christian de Duve

Modern Cosmology and Life’s Meaning (PDF)
+ Discussion
George V. Coyne, S.J.

The Different Paces of Development of Science and Culture: The Considerations of a Demographer (PDF)
+ Discussion
Bernardo M. Colombo

From World Views to Science and Back (PDF)
+ Discussion
Stanley L. Jaki

‘Much More is Required’. Science Education in the 21st Century: A
+ Discussion
Pierre J. Léna

New Scientific Paradigms and Changing Notions of the Sacred (PDF)
+ Discussion
Jean-Michel Maldamé

The Moral Substance of Science (PDF)
+ Discussion
Jürgen Mittelstrass

Reconnecting Science with the Power of Silence (PDF)
+ Discussion
Thomas R. Odhiambo

Towards a Culture of Scientific Excellence in the South (PDF)
+ Discussion
Mohamed H.A. Hassan

Science as a Culture: A Critical Appreciation (PDF)
+ Discussion
Chintamani N.R. Rao

On the Predictability of Crime Waves in Megacities – Extended Summary (PDF)
+ Discussion
Vladimir I. Keilis-Borok

The Impact of Neuroscience on Culture (PDF)
+ Discussion
Wolf J. Singer

The Art and Science of Medicine (PDF)
+ Discussion
Andrew Szczeklik

The How and Why of Our Origins (PDF)
+ Discussion
William R. Shea

Science Never Ends: A New Paradigm is Being Born in Biology (PDF)
+ Discussion
Rafael Vicuña

The Unique and Growing Influence of the Neurosciences on the Development of our Culture (PDF)
+ Discussion
Robert J. White

Scientific Culture and the Ten Statements of John Paul II (PDF)
+ Discussion
Antonino Zichichi

Surgery of the Soul (PDF)
Joseph E. Murray

Anthropical Cosmology and Personal Theology (PDF)
Nicola Dallaporta

A Note on Aspects of Classical Physics in the Twentieth Century (PDF)
Raymond Hide

God’s Traces in the Laws of Nature (PDF)
Walter E. Thirring

Statement by Prof. A. Zichichi (PDF)



I valori culturali della scienza

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Statement on the Cultural Values of Science

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