Scripta Varia

The Challenges of Sciences


A Tribute to Carlos Chagas
Working Group 23-24 February 2001
Scripta Varia 103
Vatican City, 2002
pp. 168, VI tables
ISBN 88-7761-081-6



The Main Lines of Multidisciplinary Research Implanted at the Institute of Biophysics by Carlos Chagas Filho
D.F. de Almeida

The Contribution of Cell Biology for a Better Understanding of Chagas’ Disease (PDF)
W. de Souza

Sciences and Solidarity (PDF)
P. Germain

L’homme de science et la société actuelle (PDF)
A. Blanc-Lapierre

Biodiversity and the Human Prospect (PDF)
P.H. Raven

Genetically Modified Organisms (PDF)
M.F. Singer

Molecular Evolution: Comparison of Natural and Engineered Genetic Variations (PDF)
W. Arber

Constraints on the Origin and Evolution of Life (PDF)
C. de Duve

Challenges and Achievements in Infectious and Autoimmune Diseases (PDF)
M. Sela

Carlos Chagas Filho: Scientist and Humanist (PDF)
R. Levi-Montalcini

How to Find Better Drugs for the Treatment of AIDS (PDF)
P.A.J. Janssen

The Challenges of Science (PDF)
M.F. Perutz

Functional Aspects of Left-handed Nucleic Acids (PDF)
B.A. Brown II and A. Rich

Society, Sciences, and the Future of our Species (PDF)
C. Pavan


Le sfide per le scienze - Un omaggio alla memoria di Carlos Chagas

Simposio 23-24 febbraio 2001 – Ci ritroviamo oggi per commemorare Carlos Chagas Filho, un grande... Continua