Scripta Varia

Atherosclerosis: The 21st Century Epidemic


Working Group 31 May - 1 June 2010
C.J. Estol, M. Sánchez Sorondo (eds)
Scripta Varia 116
Vatican City, 2011
pp. 199
ISBN 978-88-7761-102-4


Epidemiology, Global Public Health; The Need for Equitable Action to Address Cardiovascular Diseases (PDF)
Shanthi Mendis

The Importance of Diet, Obesity and Type II Diabetes for Vascular Disease (PDF)
Arne Astrup

Hypertension: Why is it Poorly Detected and Poorly Treated? (PDF)
Conrado J. Estol

Lipids: HDL, LDL, Role in Primary Prevention, the Message from Trials? (PDF)
Terje R. Pedersen

Vascular Disease: Ongoing National Institute of Health Research & Resources (PDF)
Walter J. Koroshetz

Acute Myocardial Infarction: A Century of Progress (PDF)
Eugene Braunwald

Genetic and Environmental Factors for Ischaemic Heart Disease (PDF)
Attilio Maseri

Surgical Options in Myocardial Insufficiency (PDF)
Felix Unger

Cardiovascular Disease: From Treatment to Promoting Health; A Challenge for the Next Decade (PDF)
Jason C. Kovacic and Valentín Fuster

Acute Stroke Treatment: A Window of Opportunity (PDF)
Werner Hacke

Frustrations in Cerebrovascular Disease (PDF)
Allan H. Ropper

Antiplatelet Agents, Antiocoagulants: New Medical Strategies (PDF)
Geoffrey A. Donnan

Vascular Cognitive Impairment: An Overview (PDF)
John T. O’Brien

Cerebrovascular Disease: Lessons from the Past for the Near Future (PDF)
Louis R. Caplan


Atherosclerosis: The 21st Century Epidemic

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