Extra Series

Children and Sustainable Development: A Challenge for Education – Final Recommendations


Statement adopted by the Workshop on Children and Sustainable Development: A Challenge for Education (13-15 novembre 2015)
Extra Series 42
Vatican City, 2016
pp. 32


Inclusive Schooling from the Perspective of Scholas Occurrentes
Enrique Palmeyro (Scholas Occurrentes, Argentina)

Education in Refugee Camps
Gonzalo Sánchez-Terán (CIHC, Spain / Africa)

Children, Work and Education
Kaushik Basu (World Bank, USA)

Scholas Citizenship, A Paradigm Shift in Education
María Paz Jurado (Scholas Occurrentes, Argentina)

Educating Children Who Will Be Living in a Warmer World With Major Climate Disruptions
Veerhabhadran Ramanathan (PAS)

Education and Sustainable Development Goals
Jeffrey Sachs (Columbia University, USA)

Children as Agents of Change for Sustainable Development
Joachim von Braun (PAS)

Educating for Sustainability with La main à la pâte
David Wilgenbus (Foundation La main à la pâte, France)

Evidence Based Education to Meet the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) 2016-2030
Lee Yee Cheong (ISTIC, Malaysia)

Testimonies and good practices: The Assumpta Science Center in Owerri
Anyadike Tobechi (ASCO, Nigeria)

Learning, Literacy and Sustainable Development
Dan Wagner (University of Pennsylvania, USA)

Education in a Challenging World
H.E. Msgr. Angelo Zani (Congregation for Catholic Education, Vatican City / Italy)

Structures, Processes and Agents of Educational Changes
Margaret Archer (President, PASS)

Low Attainers in a Global Knowledge Economy
Sally Tomlinson (University of Oxford, UK)

Unequal World, Unequal Education
Bernard Hugonnier (Former oEcD Director, France)

Fe y Alegría: Popular Education and Social Promotion for Sustainable Development
Luís Arancibia (Federación Internacional de Fe y Alegría, Colombia)

Biospheric Consciousness: A Moral and Ethical Imperative for Education Courtney Sale Ross (Founder, Ross Institute, USA)

Formative Childhood from a Neurobiological Perspective
Wolf Singer (PAS)

Lessons from the Reading Brain for Addressing the Challenge of Global Literacy Maryanne Wolf (Tufts University, USA)

Scientific Learning and Education for Human Security and Well-Being
Hideaki Koizumi (Engineering Academy of Japan, Japan)

Digital Revolution and Education
Daniel W. Hillis (Applied Minds, USA)

Children Facing Screens. An Educational Project for Helping Children Develop Their Critical Thinking Skills
Elena Pasquinelli (Foundation La main a la pâte, France)

Computerized Vocational Education
Rao R. Bhavani (Amrita University, India)

Large Scale E-education in India
Nedungadi Prema (Amrita University, India)

What a Child Should Know About the Origin and the Evolution of Man
Yves Coppens (PAS)

Teacher Power
Sidney Strauss (Centre for Academic Studies in Or Yehuda, Israel)

Professional Development of Teachers at the Science Learning Centres in the UK John Holman (University of York, UK)

Qualifying Teachers for Science in Latin America
Jorge Allende (University of Chile, Chile)

The Formation of Schoolteachers in Haiti
Jacques Blamont (University of Paris, France)

Ethics and Education in Pakistan – Principles, Policies and Practice
Manzoor H. Soomro (Eco Science Foundation, Pakistan)

Education and Poverty Reduction in Rural China
Lu Mai (China Development Research Foundation, China)

Education, A Renewable Energy?
Marguerite Léna (Apostolic Community of St. Francis Xavier, France)

H.Em. Card. Peter K.A. Turkson (Pontifical Council for Justice and Peace, Vatican City / Ghana) 


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