Complexity and Analogy in Science: Theoretical, Methodological and Epistemological Aspects


Atti della Sessione Plenaria del 5-7 novembre 2012
Acta 22
Vatican City, 2015
pp. 304
ISBN 978-88-7761-106-2


Towards a Sustainable Use of Natural Resources by Respecting the Laws of Nature (PDF)
Werner Arber

Life’s Biochemical Complexity (PDF)
Rafael Vicuña

L’infini (PDF)
Jean-Michel Maldamé

Kolmogorov Complexity as a Hidden Factor of Scientific Discourse: From Newton's Law to Data Mining (PDF)
Yuri Manin

Complexity, Reductionism, and Holism in Science and Philosophy of Science (PDF)
Jürgen Mittelstraß

Complexity in Chemistry: From Disorder to Order (PDF)
Gerhard Ertl

Deciphering Complexity in Biology: Induction of Embryonic Cell Differentiation by Morphogen Gradients (PDF)
Edward M. De Robertis

Educating to Complexity: A Challenge (PDF)
Pierre Léna

Interaction Between Two Readings: The Naturalistic and the Socratic “Know Thyself” (PDF)
Marcelo Sánchez Sorondo

Scaling Laws in Complex Systems (PDF)
Rudolf Muradyan

Glimpses of the Nanoworld (PDF)
Chintamani Nagesa Ramachandra Rao

From Big Bang to Biospheres: The Scope and Limits of Explanation (PDF)
Martin J. Rees

Complexity in Space Engineering (PDF)
K. Kasturirangan

Complexity as Substrate for Neuronal Computations (PDF)
Wolf Singer

Analogy, Identity, Equivalence (PDF)
Michael Heller

Towards an Understanding of the Molecular Complexity of Cancer (PDF)
Lilia Alberghina

A Cosmic End: From the Earth to the Universe (PDF)
José G. Funes S.J.

Quantum Simulation of Calculationally Intractable Problems and Questions About Emergence (PDF)
William D. Phillips

Complexity in Climate Change Science (PDF)
Mario J. Molina

Complexity at the Fundamental Level of our Knowledge (PDF)
Antonino Zichichi

Climate Change and Protection of the Habitat: Empirical Evidence for the Greenhouse Effect and Global Warming (PDF)
V. Ramanathan

Water for Food: Evolution and Projections of Water Transfers Through International Agricultural Trade (PDF)
Carole Dalin and Ignacio Rodríguez-Iturbe


Complexity and Analogy in Science

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