Evolving Concepts of Nature


Atti della Sessione Plenaria del 24-28 ottobre 2014
Acta 23
Vatican City, 2015
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Address on the Occasion of the Inauguration of the Bust in Honour of Pope Benedict XVI
Pope Francis

Word of Welcome
President and Chair Werner Arber

The Concept of Nature – from Plato’s World to Einstein’s World
Jürgen Mittelstraß

Aristotle’s Concept of Nature: Traditional Interpretation and Results of Recent Studies (PDF)
Enrico Berti

Loi naturelle et théorie de la évolution
Jean-Michel Maldamé

Session I - Changing Concepts in Physics

Changing Concepts of Light and Matter (PDF)
Theodor W. Hänsch

Some Key Cosmological Numbers: Contingency or Necessity?
Martin J. Rees

The Evolution of the Concept of Atomic Constitution and its Relevance for the Improvement of Life
Vanderlei Bagnato

Is Nature Beautiful
Yves Quéré

Evolution in the Study of Fundamental Laws and the Basic Constituents
Antonino Zichichi

Session II - Changing Concepts in Earth Sciences

Nature and Agriculture – the Evolving Relationships
Joachim von Braun

Session III - Changing Concepts in Biology

Evolving Insights into the Laws of Nature for Biological Evolution (PDF)
Werner Arber

Evolving Concepts of Genetic Diversity in Natural Population of Organisms
Takashi Gojobori

The Role of Gene Loss in Animal Evolution from an Ancestral Genetic Toolkit (PDF)
Edward M. De Robertis

Genome, Epigenome Relationships: A Novel Paradigm to Account for Cell Differentiation During the Development of Multicellular Organisms
Nicole M. Le Douarin

Surprises with the Concept of ‘Totipotency of Plant Cells’
Ingo Potrykus

Caring for Creation: The Special Role of Agriculture
Peter H. Raven

Immunotherapy as an Evolving Concept in Autoimmunity and Cancer
Michael Sela

Word of Welcome to Pope Francis
Werner Arber

Session IV - Changing Concepts in Biochemistry

From Basic Science to Advanced Medicine
Ada E. Yonath

The Origin of Life on Earth: Nature’s Agency and/or Divine Intervention?
Rafael Vicuña

Genes in the Garden
Maxine F. Singer

Session V - Changing Concepts in Neurosciences

Culture, a Bridge Between Brain and Mind?
Wolf J. Singer

New Views about the Neurocognitive Processes in Education
Antonio M. Battro

A New Era of Medicine with iPS Cells
Shinya Yamanaka

De Natura Rerum: Exoplanets and ExoEarths
Pierre Léna

A Cosmic End: from the Earth to the Universe
José G. Funes

Session VII - Changing Concepts in Mathematics

Mathematical Modeling in the Sciences
Luís A. Caffarelli

The Big Bang Cosmology and its Mathematical Description
Yuri I. Manin

Rotating Strings and Branes as Basic Primeval Objects of Nature
Rudolf Muradyan 


Evoluzione del Concetto di Natura

Sessione Plenaria 24-28 ottobre 2014 – Sin dagli albori dell’evoluzione culturale dell’umanità è... Continua

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