Umanità ed energia: bisogni - risorse - speranze



Introduction (A. Blanc-Lapierre)
Overview and current status
Energy and Society – Evolution and current problems (J. Couture)
Fossil fuels and prospects
Introduction (C.L. Wilson)
The future of conventional oil in the world energy outlook: the case of developing countries (P. Desprairies)
The world-wide prospects of non-conventional oil and natural gas (H.K. Schneider, D. Schmitt)
The role of coal in the future
(C.L. Wilson)
Management and basic resources content of energy
Basic resources content of energy (L. Paris)
Production, transmission, storage and distribution of electric power – an integrated system (A.M. Angelini)
Nuclear energy
Introduction (J. Teillac)
A perspective on current reactor technologies (C. Starr, C. Braun)
Nuclear energy: resources and outlook (J. Teillac)
Nuclear energy: social, economic and political implications (C. Salvetti)
Energy for the future (J. Pasztor)
Energy and environment
Energy and environment (G. Puppi)
Energy and health (G.B. Marini-Bettòlo)
Solar energy
Introduction (G. Porter)
Thermal conversion of solar energy (H. Tabor)
Direct generation of electricity from solar energy (R. van Overstraeten)
Biomass: Solar energy through biology-fuels now and in the future (D.O. Hall)
Energy alternatives from agriculture (J. Döbereiner, J. Silva Araujo Neto, D.O. Arkcoll)
Discussion on energy as political factor
Energy policies in developing countries
Energy and economic development in Latin America (G.R. Elizarraras, G. Sanchez)
Man in search of energy in developing countries (L. Konan)
Energy requirements for India: a system approach (J.K. Parikh)
Role of energy in the life of mankind: lifestyles and distributive justice (M. Perez-Guerrero)
Prospects and general discussion
Stability considerations on world energy modeling (W. Sassin)
A low energy growth scenario for the year 2030 (U. Colombo, O. Bernardini)
Changeover Harginber data: is a low energy consumption “communication civilization” in the offing? (A. Danzin)
Energy and the long-term prospects for the international system (J. Lesourne)
Energy for the future (J. Pasztor)
Energy and happiness (L. Leprince-Ringuet)
Elements for an ethical approach to energy issues (Rev. P. Laurent)


Prof. A.M. Angelini, 
Prof. A. Blanc-Lapierre
Prof. C. Chagas
Prof. U. Colombo
J. Couture
A. Danzin
P. Desprairies
Prof. J. Döbereiner
Prof. D. Hall
J. Konan
Rev. Father P. Laurent
Prof. L. Leprince-Ringuet
Prof. J. Lesourne
Prof. G.B. Marini-Bettòlo
Dr. J. Parikh
Prof. L. Paris

Dr. J. Pasztor
M. Perez-Guerrero
Prof. G. Porter
Prof. G. Puppi
G. Rodríguez Elizarrarás
Prof. C. Salvetti
Ing. G. Sánchez-Sierra
Dr. W. Sassin
Dr. D. Schmitt
Prof. H.K. Schneider
Dr. J. Silva Araujo Neto
C. Starr
Prof. H. Tabor
Prof. J. Teillac
Prof. R. van Overstraeten
Prof. C. Wilson


Umanità ed energia: bisogni – risorse – speranze

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