Scienza e Sostenibilità. Impatto delle conoscenze scientifiche e della tecnologia sulla società umana e sul suo ambiente


Sessione Plenaria 25-29 novembre 2016 – We invite all members of the PAS to reflect on which already available or expected scientific advances may impact on the sustainable development of human societies and their environments. Please consider both positive and negative impacts. Some such impacts may become effective in the short term. But it is also important to keep in mind that sustainable development should hopefully contribute to life on Earth at the very long term, to maintain a relatively stable equilibrium of the human civilization in the steadily but slowly evolving world around us on our planet Earth.

At this Plenary Session we expect to receive specific inputs ideally from all scientific disciplines. We therefore invite all PAS Academicians to present their relevant contributions to the 2016 Plenary Session. Contributions can be either 20 or 10 minutes long, so that we will have sufficient time for discussions and for drawing conclusions.

Werner Arber