Eventi 2006

  • La prevedibilità nella scienza

    Sessione Plenaria 3-6 novembre 2006 – In its last two business meetings the PAS Council discussed several alternative topics that had been proposed for the next Plenary Session of the Pontifical... Continua
  • I segni della morte

    Gruppo di lavoro 11-12 settembre 2006 – During the four hundred years of its existence, the Pontifical Academy of Sciences has carried on its statutory goals by employing various approaches. In... Continua
  • Qual è la nostra vera conoscenza dell'essere umano?

    Gruppo di lavoro 4-6 maggio 2006 – The Working Group on What is our Real Knowledge about the Human Being? will reconsider this perennial question, which was formulated by King David when he... Continua