Scripta Varia

Trafficking In Human Beings: Modern Slavery


Proceedings of the Working Group
2-3 November 2013
Scripta Varia 122
Vatican City, 2013
E-Pub ahead of print

Word of Welcome
PAS President Werner Arber

Card. Roger Etchegaray

What Will It Take to End the Impunity of Human Trafficking?
Joy Ngozi Ezeilo

Human Trafficking in the World. Challenges and Responses of the International Community
William Lacy Swing

The EU Legal and Policy Response on Trafficking in Human Beings
Myria Vassiliadou

A Sociological Approach to Human Trafficking (PDF)
Margaret S. Archer

Towards a Socioeconomic Etiology of Human Trafficking
Juan J. Llach

La criminalité internationale comme composante de la mondialisation: quelle réponse politique? (PDF)
Pierre Morel

Ending Impunity, Securing Justice and Preventing Exploitation: Human Rights and Human Dignity in the Fight Against Trafficking
Anne T. Gallagher

Por una lucha global a la criminalidad. La experiencia argentina (PDF)
Gustavo Vera

A Catholic Response to Human Trafficking in Asia
John Lee

Dalla liberazione sessuale alla schiavitù sessuale. Il lato oscuro della rivoluzione sessuale (PDF)
Ermanno Pavesi

Prostitution, Drugs and AIDS – How to Live With Dignity? Rehabilitation and Reintegration into Social Life
María Inez Linhares de Carvalho

The New Slaveries. The Sub-Saharan African Situation: Neo Colonisation by the International Agencies
Henrietta Williams

Avances policiales sobre la trata de seres humanos
Francisco Barreiro Sanmartín

The Empire of Suffering: Trafficking of Children in the Global Millennium
Marcelo and Carola Suárez-Orozco

DNA-Prokids: Genetic Identification of Missing Children to Fight Child Trafficking & Illegal Adoptions
José Antonio Lorente

Avances metodológicos para combatir la trata de personas
Jorge Nery Cabrera Cabrera

The Modern Day Slave Trade: How the United States Should Alter the Victims of Trafficking and Violence Protection Act in Order to More Effectively Combat International Sex Trafficking (PDF)
Melissa R. Holman


Trafficking in Human Beings

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