14 December 1924

The Mutual Kindred Tie Between Good and Truth
Address to Inaugurate the Academic Year of the
Pontifical Academy of Sciences ‘New Lynxes’

Pius XI praises the work of the Academy and observes that there is a mutual tie between good and truth, as the Academicians know because of their scientific activities.

The Holy Father said that after everything that had been shown to him and that he had heard, and in the subsequent communications and notes, which were so full of luminous rays and radiant hopes for the good not only of science but also of mankind, it seemed to him that there remained to him nothing else but to extend to his dear and good Academy all his congratulations, both on what, during this year of intense scientific activity, it had reaped in the field of study, and on all the treasures of good will that in the scientific world it was increasingly acquiring, and on the beautiful, valuable, new accessions as members, who today culminated in His Eminence Cardinal Ehrle.
In all this – the Holy Father continued – the suggestion and the core, the subject and the confidence of our good wishes, which in instinctive fashion come to add themselves to our congratulations, are a good thing. If the studies set in motion, the results obtained, the good will engendered, and the new strength of such valid new members come, so to speak, to the aid of our good wishes, then in an even more distinctive way will the Academy correspond to that high and noble scientific responsibility which has been now so suitably and deservingly remembered; so that to all the great reasons for trust in the beautiful, glorious, happy future of our dear Academy, many others will add themselves. 
We are very happy that all this is taking place near to the Holy Jubilee Year, and to nobody present will this reference appear strange.
First of all, continued the Holy Father, the Holy Year represents for us in particular, a larger, warmer and more cordial assembly of the whole Catholic world; a union of prayers in conformity with our intentions, and naturally the good wishes that we extend to the Academy are a part of these intentions. But another reflection is even more comforting and very instructive. What is the Jubilee year if not a higher call, a more generous move towards a greater purification, a more sublime elevation, a more diligent search for, and practice of, good? And – as you know by happy experience – there is a mysterious mutual kindred tie between Good and Truth; between them both there is an exchangeable correspondence and benefit. And thus the imminence of the Jubilee Holy Year is for you a trusting sign of an ever greater carrying out of good, to which you will give the best of your spiritual activity.
The Holy Father ended by saying that he wished and wanted his Apostolic Blessing, which he willingly imparted, to be once again a pledge and a sign, a new trust in the full carrying out of his intentions and his hopes and wishes.