Ordinary Academicians


From the Statutes:


Art. 5
Candidates for a seat in the Academy are chosen by the Academy on the basis of their eminent original scientific studies and of their acknowledged moral personality, without any ethnical or religious discrimination, and are appointed for life by sovereign act of the Holy Father.
In addition, by reason of their office, the Director of the Vatican Observatory; the Director of the Astrophysical Laboratory of the Vatican Observatory; the Prefect of the Vatican Library; the Prefect of the Secret Archives of the Vatican, are appointed « Academicians pro tempore ». The Academicians « pro tempore » enjoy the same rights and perform the same functions as the Pontifical Academicians.
By way of exception, and in a purely honorary capacity, on proposal by the Council of the Academy, persons who have deserved particularly well of the Academy, by honouring it and assisting it and its scientific undertakings, may be nominated by the Holy Father « Honorary Pontifical Academicians ».

Art. 6
The full complement of the Academy consists of 70 life members, chosen in such a way that as far as possible all the principal branches of science and all the major geographical regions are represented.1

1 On 8 January 1986 John Paul II augmented to 80 the number of Academy life members.


  • Elaine Fuchs

    Date of Birth 5 May 1950 Place Illinois, USA Nomination 27 March 2018 Field Stem cell and cancer biology Title Investigator of the Howard Hughes Medical Institute and Rebecca... Read more
  • Suzanne Cory

    Date of Birth 11 March 1942 Place Melbourne (Australia) Nomination 27 January 2004 Field Molecular Biology Title Professor ... Read more
  • Chen Ning Yang

    Date of Birth 22 September 1922 Place Anhui (PRC) Nomination 10 February 1997 Field Physics Title Professor, Nobel laureate in Physics, 1957 ... Read more
  • Helen M. Blau

    Date of Birth 8 May 1948 Place London (England) Nomination 10 October 2017 Field Stem Cell Biology and Regenerative Medicine Title Donald E. and Delia B. Baxter Foundation... Read more
  • Robert Eric Betzig

    Date of Birth 13 January 1960 Place Ann Arbour, Michigan, USA Nomination 31 May 2016 Field Chemistry Title Nobel laureate in Chemistry, 2014 ... Read more
  • Edward De Robertis

    Date of Birth 6 June 1947 Place Boston, MA (USA) Nomination 8 September 2009 Field Biology Title Professor ... Read more
  • Yuan-Tseh Lee

    Date of Birth: 19 November 1936 Place: Hsinchu, Taiwan (ROC) Nomination: 23 July 2007 Field: Physical Chemistry Title: Professor, Nobel laureate in Chemistry, 1986 ... Read more
  • Peter Raven

    Date of Birth 13 June 1936 Place Shanghai (PRC) Nomination 4 October 1990 Field Biology Title Professor ... Read more
  • Ingo Potrykus

    Date of Birth 5 December 1933 Place Hirschberg (Germany) Nomination 10 March 2005 Field Plant Sciences Title Professor em. (ETH, Zürich) ... Read more
  • Krishnaswamy Kasturirangan

    Date of Birth 24 October 1940 Place Ernakulum (India) Nomination 21 October 2006 Field Astronomy Title Professor ... Read more