• Werner Arber

    Date of Birth 3 June 1929 Place Gränichen (Switzerland) Nomination 12 May 1981 (President of the PAS from 20 December 2010) Field Microbiology Title Professor, Nobel laureate... Read more


And now, we take up this journey: Bishop and People. This journey of the Church of Rome which presides in charity over all the Churches. A journey of fraternity, of love, of trust among us. Let us always pray for one another. Let us pray for the whole world, that there may be a great spirit of fraternity. It is my hope for you that this journey of the Church, which we start today, and in which my Cardinal Vicar, here present, will assist me, will be fruitful for the evangelization of this most beautiful city.
And now I would like to give the blessing, but first - first I ask a favour of you: before the Bishop blesses his people, I ask you to pray to the Lord that he will bless me: the prayer of the people asking the blessing for their Bishop. Let us make, in silence, this prayer: your prayer over me.

Francis, Apostolic Blessing "Urbi et Orbi", 13 March 2013



2015 Events

  • Protect the Earth, Dignify Humanity

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